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#atthemoxy に”理由”は必要ありません。なぜならここにはルールがないからです。モクシーに一歩足を踏み入れたら、バーをダンスフロアに変えるもよし、国際色豊かなゲストと一緒にロビーラウンジでまったりとするもよし。モクシーの居心地の良さに、きっとここから離れられなくなるかもね。


Ready for a good time? Moxy Hotels makes that easy with the heart of a boutique hotel and an appetite for adventure. There’s a drink waiting for you with your room key and someone at the bar that wants your number. Moxy is for play... Jenga, karaoke, maybe a little game of spin the bottle? Here, you can get away with it.

Plus, the WiFi is speedy, beds cushy and freshly made, but more importantly, the bar is always open and the crew is always on. Whether you’re staying for the night or a nightcap, Moxy is your place to PLAY ON. 



超 効率的!


ロビーには、インスタントコーヒーではなく、淹れたての本格的コーヒーをご用意しております。また、24時間年中無休でテイクアウト可能な軽食類、ハイテク機器に頼らないローテクのゲームやアクティビティ、特製カクテルもお楽しみいただけます。 #atthemoxyでは、普通のブティックホテルにあるような物はもちろん、それ以外のものも豊富に取り揃えております。


We know that our guests come to play. For some of you that means a drink or five at Bar Moxy (hello!). For others, it’s letting your hair down so you’re re-energized for the next face-off with your boss. Whatever the reason for your stay, Moxy is made so you can play.

And when you sign up for Marriott Bonvoy™, you’ll get to play for even less by getting Member Rates – the lowest rates around — every time you book direct on Once you’ve booked your stay #atthemoxy, here’s what you can expect…

Let’s start with a poker chip at check-in that gets you a complimentary snack or thirst quencher at the bar. Once you enter your guestroom, you’ll find an extra comfy bed for a sound night’s sleep (if that’s your thing), a smart TV so you can stream your own stuff, and a massive walk-in rain shower you’ll never want to get out of. No closets? No problem. Just hang your wardrobe on display using our wall pegs and enjoy that extra space. Plus our furniture doubles as wall art, with a table and chairs hung on the wall to use as a desk. Don’t say we’re not creative. Head down the hall to our communal ironing room, where you can either get your clothes ready for the day or simply take some Instagram-worthy photos. You’ll see what we mean once you’re in there.

Instead of making your own instant coffee, just head downstairs to pick up some freshly brewed morning joe plus grab-and-go bites in the lobby. Mooch off our free Wi-Fi and electricity while you’re down there. We don't judge.

You can also expect crafted cocktails, low-tech play time, and a social scene that will make your friends jealous on your social feed. Who needs room service or a concierge lounge when you have all of this right downstairs? There is everything you would expect, and plenty you wouldn’t. Sorry not sorry — we break hotel rules. It's more fun that way.

Sleeping around with Marriott only gets better at Moxy, especially for our valued Elites. Go to for rates so hot, you’ll just have to get a room. Plus earn points for every stay. Join now or later, but seriously, why wait to play?

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