Hotel Development

Meet Moxy, Marriott's newest brand focused on the rapidly growing 3-star tier segment. Moxy's focus is on the millennial traveler, who understands that style can be delivered at attractive prices. Introduced in Europe in 2014, the Moxy brand launched in the United States in January 2015, with high-profile metropolitan locations including New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and New Orleans.

More hotels are open to Europe in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin); Denmark (Copenhagen); and the United Kingdom (London) about the next two years.

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For owners

  • A model with an efficient cost-to-build, focused on small rooms and maximizes investment in revenue-generating public spaces
  • The business model requires little back of house space (driven by F&B model and outsourced support services), driving down the cost-to-build

For Guests

  • Moxy is designed to entice and excite the next generation of travelers, giving them everything they want and nothing they don’t. Moxy believes budget is beautiful and is dedicated to surprising guests with uncompromising style at an irresistible price.
  • The brand offers buzzy and stylish communal spaces, seamless self-service, 17 square meter rooms designed to feel spacious, a highly visual and engaging social media platform, and finally, a lotta bang for your buck. We’re premium in every way but price.

For operators

  • An offering with the staffing model of a select service hotel, the experience of a boutique hotel, and the strength of the industry’s leading channels and platforms
  • A highly efficient staffing model driven by focus and simplicity (a 165 room hotel can be staffed by 17 FTEs)

Moxy is built around the mantra that "smaller means concentration, not reduction". Here's how this mantra comes to life